Tips to Make Your Product More Attractive

A positive shopping experience can mean the difference between a shopper buying from you or one of your competitors. And how you present your products plays a big part in your customers’ shopping experience.

The human brain craves order, and online shopping is no exception. Customers want patterns. Logic. A simple, discernable way to effectively digest information about your products. So help your customers find want they want quickly with a clear, organized online storefront.

A simple square grid can do the job just fine. But what if you adjust it to the size and ratio of your products?

Just like brick-and-mortar stores arrange long coats on hangers and t-shirts on shelves, your Ecwid store has the right display arrangement for your products. Big or small, horizontal or vertical, the right storefront layout can do wonders for your products.

Write Soulful Descriptions : 

Photos are the first thing your customer’s see, but they won’t be the last. Your words matter — especially when it comes to your product descriptions.

At a minimum, a product description should provide customers with a product overview and key features. But we know you can do better.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a product description:

  • Don’t say your product is the best — explain why it’s the best.
  • Speak like your customers. If you sell to moms, stick to informal, emotional language. If you sell to men who look like aspiring lumberjacks, keep it cool.
  • Use words that activate the senses: describe the smell, shape, texture, or color of your product.
  • Cut the extra characters and format your descriptions.